Sunday, 13 June 2010

Savoury Muffins

If you happen to have a productive veggie patch and, after you've remembered to donate some of your surplus goodies to those less fortunate (... ahem...see previous post;), you find yourself with extra still.... here's a great idea courtesy of last weekend's guardian magazine and Hugh F-W.

I made this batch today using the courgette and pine nut recipe (both bought sadly, but I can dream of surplus days!)...  you can put all sorts into the basic recipe... and very tasty!! ...once you train your brain out of the sugar expectation of a muffin shaped object (note: this may just be my brain!) 

I took the picture with Teasing Georgia... my first rose of the season... which I did manage to grow :)


Nikki . said...

Fab photo Pip...

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

wonderful rose and the colormatching is great!

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