Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Les allées couvertes...

Not far from the cottage is the Gorge de Daoulas, and if you follow the road through the Gorge for a mile or so you come to a steeply banked lane, almost tunnel like with tall branches closing in at the top.
A couple of hundred yards up this hidden path brings you out on top of the world... where you can find the Covered Alleys of Liscuis.

Nobody knows for sure the original purpose of these neolithic structures... of which we came across 6 all within a couple hundred yards of each other.

They could easily be used as shelters on this high, gorse covered, windswept place... although I find it hard to believe that stones of this magnitude would have been moved into these positions originally for shelter.

Whatever their reason this is a spiritual place...

with misty views over the majestic Abbey of Bon Repos.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


GREAT NEWS!!! The builder along with his brother and brother-in-law are going to do the barn... which used to house a cider press ;) -*
This is the back of the house and the barn's to the right of the picture
This is the barn from the lane to the canal... and as you can see the barn is built up to the lane. This means the builders will be using a kind of 'bookend' metal structure inside, tanking it etc. against water and then lime rendering the inside of the building....

The fireplace is filled with old piles of roof slate... The local roofer who fixed the ( previously caved in) roof of the barn was able to recycle a few rows of these which you can see on the previous pic.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


... got loads of stuff organised... met with a builder who's going to give us a quote for doing the barn, which is great AND he seems to be pretty clued up and professional, so hoping for a good quote and we can get things moving :)

AAAnd we've * got * a * bath**** with hot water!!!

OK I know there's still I big hole in the floor so effectively you're in the kitchen but isn't it BEAUTIFUL!! No more trips to swimming pools/lakes/campsites to get washed. Pure.... luxury :)

The hot water's all off the log burner too; a gravity fed system means we don't have to depend on any electric, which is quite handy seeing as we don't have any  ;) (from a supplier I mean as we're off grid)

It's also been decided that sorting a stairs to get up to the bathroom is my domain.. mmmmm

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