Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Les allées couvertes...

Not far from the cottage is the Gorge de Daoulas, and if you follow the road through the Gorge for a mile or so you come to a steeply banked lane, almost tunnel like with tall branches closing in at the top.
A couple of hundred yards up this hidden path brings you out on top of the world... where you can find the Covered Alleys of Liscuis.

Nobody knows for sure the original purpose of these neolithic structures... of which we came across 6 all within a couple hundred yards of each other.

They could easily be used as shelters on this high, gorse covered, windswept place... although I find it hard to believe that stones of this magnitude would have been moved into these positions originally for shelter.

Whatever their reason this is a spiritual place...

with misty views over the majestic Abbey of Bon Repos.

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