Saturday, 10 April 2010


... got loads of stuff organised... met with a builder who's going to give us a quote for doing the barn, which is great AND he seems to be pretty clued up and professional, so hoping for a good quote and we can get things moving :)

AAAnd we've * got * a * bath**** with hot water!!!

OK I know there's still I big hole in the floor so effectively you're in the kitchen but isn't it BEAUTIFUL!! No more trips to swimming pools/lakes/campsites to get washed. Pure.... luxury :)

The hot water's all off the log burner too; a gravity fed system means we don't have to depend on any electric, which is quite handy seeing as we don't have any  ;) (from a supplier I mean as we're off grid)

It's also been decided that sorting a stairs to get up to the bathroom is my domain.. mmmmm

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