Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Old ideas... and new dreams

Went to the Smallholder and Garden Festival at Llanelwedd  at the weekend... Euros had a welsh festival stall there with work... so we met up for lunch.
Anyway he's found a few good deals on PV panels and we had a word with Ty Mawr about wipeable paint for the kitchen to cover the lime rendering which Euros can now do (after his christmas present of a lime rendering day course with Ty Mawr ;)
Anyhow... they now have a range of breathable, waterproof (yes alongside breathable!!) mineral paints just perfect for the job :)
Also watched a demonstration of how to grind grain ...
...and decided never to do that.... and dreamed of having the most luxurious, all singing, all dancing chicken house with bells on... euros says he can build me one whenever I get some chucks. And my, oh, my.... the chickens there were ***unbelievable*** I mean, how could you ever pick one (or three)... there's just so many glorious varieties to choose from... anyway hopefully I'll be able to help design their fabulous new chicken palace!!! The runner ducks, who waddle along next in the dream, will obviously want their own luxury runner duck pad:)
Then there's the goats...


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